uro gynMany patients are uncomfortable discussing bladder control problems, but at Premier OB/GYN, LLC, there is help and a compassionate physician to listen. Dr. Aaron Sudbury, who is board certified and specializes in uro-gynecology as well as gynecology and obstetrics, openly discusses the sensitive issue of urinary incontinence and Surgery for Stress Urinary Incontinence with his patients.  He offers evaluation, management and the most advanced technology available to treat urinary incontinence. 

Dr. Sudbury, a skilled surgeon, is experienced in Bladder Sling Procedure as well as being certified in InterStim® Therapy.   If you have a question regarding a uro-gynecological problem, please call our office for more information.

Uro-gynecological services:

  • Evaluation and treatment of female incontinence
  • Evaluation and treatment of pelvic prolapse
  • In-office urodynamic testing
  • Pelvic floor therapy
  • Certified for InterStim® Therapy
  • Bladder sling procedure